Southeast: Max McLaughlin Over Ryan Millington In Millbridge Open Class Mini Outlaw Thriller

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SALISBURY, N.C. – Story By RaceChaser Online Senior Editor Tom Baker – Photos By Kara C Photography-

Another hot, sultry night at the Millbridge Speedway in Salisbury, North Carolina on Wednesday also found some of the hottest racing action.  The Outlaw division saw two of its best start on the front row as Ryan Millington and Max McLaughlin led the rest of the mini outlaw field down to the green.

“Little Magic”, as McLaughlin has come to be known, took off with the lead as Millington settled into second. Millington, 13, was back at the track after a couple of weeks off and let it be known that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Lap after lap, he ran McLaughlin all over the track and got alongside him several times, keeping him on the defensive.

But Max was having none of it, making his No. Z8 as wide as he possibly could and not giving Millington an inch of racing room, even taking him to the wall on one lap on the front straightaway.  Millington got by him once going into turn one, but then had to get in the clutch and lost the lead again, for good.

This was a classic “all in” battle between two of the top young racing prospects in North Carolina, and although McLaughlin held on for the checkers, many after the race agreed that Millington had also driven like a winner.  It was a supercharged feature race to be sure, one that left everyone buzzing when it was over.

Behind the two leaders, “High Side” Tom Hubert was having his own dynamic duel with “Lil Bundy” Ethan Mitchell and then Adam Welch for third place, a duel that Hubert eventually won.  Welch finished fourth and Dylan Smith fifth.

Caden Kvapil passed Mason Dellinger to take home the win in a Beginner Box Stock division that has grown tremendously this season, to the delight of all involved at Millbridge.  These kids do an outstanding job each night!  Hunter Kohn in the No. 48 tried valiantly to race Kvapil for the win, but ended up having to settle for second.  Dellinger was third followed by Ethan Burdett and Aiden Turner.

The Box Stock main featured an early battle between Richard Gould in the No. 10 and Ty Gibbs in the No. 46.  Gibbs wrestled the lead away on lap 11 but a yellow flag for the stopped car of Stan Hayes put Gould back out front.  This set the stage for a wild restart as Gibbs made contact with Gould, turning Gould around.  Both drivers got sent to the back of the field and the No. 15 of Taylor Gray inherited the lead followed by Kyle Campbell.

It didn’t take long for Campbell to put his No. 03 out front and into victory lane with the 98 of Cole Hilton charging to second.  Alex Bodine, whose heat race win earlier in the night was his first in this division, raced up to third at the checkers.  Gavin Boschele in the No. 5 finished fourth and Ty Gibbs rebounded for fifth.

Campbell and Bodine both do double duty, also racing in the Intermediate division.  Those two got things started off right in the feature event with Bodine leading lap one followed by Campbell, Carson Kvapil in the No. 35, Tristan Jones in the No. 62 and the No. 54 of Caleb Moore.

Jones stopped in the infield on lap two, bringing out the race’s first yellow flag.  He headed for the pits and would remain there for the balance of the evening.  Campbell dove underneath Bodine on the restart for the lead and went on to take his second win of the night.  Bodine and Kvapil tangled on lap 16, but eventually both recovered to finish in the top five.

At the stripe it was Campbell, Moore, Kvapil, Bodine and the No. 15 of Roy Hayes making up the top five finishers.

Complete finishes for June 24th are below, along with finishes from the previous race on June 17th.  For more information and for race dates and times, follow Milbridge Speedway on Facebook.


Beginner Feature

1- 35 Caden Kvapil, 2-  48 Hunter Kohn, 3-  12 Mason Dellinger, 4-  14 Ethan Burdett, 5-  26 Aiden Turner, 6- 1F Kynzer Flynn, 7- 12T Tiffany Claridge, 8- 1C Corbin McDonald, 9- 55 Trevor Cline, 10-  19 Tyler Dolack

Box Stock Feature

1- 03 Kyle Campbell, 2-  99 Cole Hilton, 3-  11 Jason Gibbs, 4- 5 Gavan Boschele, 5- 45 Ty Gibbs, 6- 15g Taylor Gray, 7-  27 Matthew Gould, 8-  10 Richard Gould, 9- 19 Olivia Peeney, 10- 73 Jordan Bregoli, 11- 54m Caleb Moore, 12- 11c Stanley Hayes

Intermediate Feature 

1-  03 Kyle Campbell, 2-  54 Caleb Moore, 3-  35 Carson Kvapil, 4-  11 Alex Bodine, 5-  15 Roy Hayes, 6-  9 George Hayes, 7-  62 Tristan Jones, 8-  71 Dan Brewer

Cadet Feature

1- 63 Bryce Richards, 2- 11 Ethan Holzbaur, 3-5 Charlie McDonald

Open Feature

1-z8 Max McLaughlin, 2-  17 Ryan Millington, 3- 30 Tom Hubert, 4-  71 Adam Welch, 5- 03 Dylan Smith, 6-  19 Ethan Mitchell, 7- 15 Tanner Gray, 8-  73 Chad Bush, 9- 25 Zach Wolfe, 10-62 Hunter Richards, 11- 4 Dean Bush


Beginner Feature
1-48 Hunter Kohn, 2- 35 Caden Kvapil, 3- 7 Aubry Rose, 4- 11 Brent Crews, 5- 12 Mason Dellinger, 6- 17 Skyler Chaney, 7- 1F Kynzer Flynn, 8- 8 Griffin Taylor

9- 10 Kami Bodine, 10-  26 Aiden Turner, 11- 4 Landen Elkes, 12- 45 Eli Adams, 13-  55 Trevor Cline, 14- 03 Brett Harrison, 15-  19 Tyler Dolack, 16- 12T Delana Hodge, 17- 14 Ethan Burdett, 18- 1C Corbin Mcdonald
Cadet Participants

63 Bryce Richards, 14 Matthew Francis, 77 Trevor Bowden, 11 Ethan Holzbaur

Box Stock Feature

1- 03 Kyle Campbell, 2-  46 Ty Gibbs, 3-  11 Jason Gibbs, 4-  54 Caleb Moore, 5- 15 Taylor Gray, 6- 5 Gavan Boschele, 7- 99 Cole Hilton, 8- 10 Richard Gould

9- 19 Olivia Peeney, 10- 5t Lauren Taylor

Int. Feature 

1-  03 Kyle Campbell, 2-  35 Carson Kvapil, 3-  11 Tucker Scanlon, 4-  54 Caleb Moore, 5- 62 Tristan Jones, 6-  9 Kyle Craker, 7-  11B Alex Bodine, 8- 5 Brooke Benge, 9- 71 Ashlynn Brewer

SS Late Feature

1- 36 Eric Coomes, 2- 25 Brandon Hinson, 3- 3 Dylan Smith

Open Feature

1-  8 Max McLaughlin, 2-  03 Dylan Smith, 3- 30 Tom Hubert, 4-  71 Kyle Beattie, 5- 15g Tanner Gray, 6- 73 Chad Bush, 7- 08 Devin Boutot, 8- 25 Zach Wolfe

9- 19 Ethan Mitchell, 10- 00 Brooke Benge, 11- 5, 12- 17 Dean Bush, 13- 98 Brandon Dean, 14- 62 Hunter Richards



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