Kyle’s Corner: My Connection Between NASCAR and 3 Doors Down

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SCRANTON, Pa. — Column and photo by Race Chaser Online Northeast Correspondent Kyle Magda —

I had never heard of the rock band 3 Doors Down until coming across an August 2003 issue of NASCAR Illustrated.

On the front cover was Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart and members from the band. Hopefully, somewhere buried in my house is the issue because it’s still my favorite NASCAR Illustrated of all-time.

The band just came out with a new album called  Us and the Night, which was released in stores last week. In the CD holder in my house rests both Away from the Sun and Seventeen Days, albums from the band within the last 15 years.

3 Doors Down and Away from the Sun appeared on a Chance 2 Motorsports Busch Series car at Michigan in 2003 with Tony Stewart behind the wheel. At the time, I’d paid attention to NASCAR’s lower divisions every once in a while and missed the race the 3 Doors Down car was in with Smoke.

I wasn’t really into music at that time just turning 10 years old and only listening to the country stations my dad played on the radio. My interest in NASCAR dwindled in 2004 and 2005 to focus more on baseball, but I technically never left the sport. Once in a blue moon, I’d watch a race, but I traveled all over the place to ballparks in the Northeast.

2006 was the year I came back full-time in NASCAR, and I haven’t left since. My music tastes started to grow and I got a whiff of more music from 3 Doors Down. That bond I have with the band expanded even more in 2008 when Earnhardt Jr. ran a special-Grey Ghost paint scheme in the All-Star Race with their new single Citizen/Soldier. The minute I had a chance to download the song, I went for it and it still remains on my iPod.

Being the racing enthusiast that I am, music also has a special place in my heart. I walked into a local mall one day and sitting outside a music store was a copy of Away from the Sun, arguably the band’s best album . In no time, I picked it up and looked like I was a kid in a candy store, but nestled in a store shopping bag was that CD.

The Allentown Indoor Classic took place back in January and as I sat in one of the city’s bars post-race, the track Away From the Sun played around the place, and to that day, I had never heard the album’s main track, or at least I thought I hadn’t.

Music makes my world go-round, and when it happens to bring NASCAR into the picture, it just intensifies my interest even more.

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