SOUTHEAST: Ryan Millington Leads Flag To Flag For Millbridge Speedway Mini Outlaw Open Division Win; Kvapil, Campbell Also Victorious

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SALISBURY, N.C. – Story by RaceChaser Online Senior Editor Tom Baker – Photos By Kara Campbell –

Ryan Millington, 13, started second and led from start to finish to capture his first ever mini outlaw open division victory on Wednesday night.  The youngest driver in the division at this time, Millington was able to maintain a gap over the remainder of the field for much of the race, keeping some of the best in the nation behind him.  Tanner Gray, a young racer who is improving every race out, finished a strong second with the No. 19 of “Lil Bundy” Ethan Mitchell crossing the line third.

“High Side” Tom Hubert, who has spent a lot of time lately whizzing by cars on the “low side”, wound up fourth and Max McLaughlin, who is a winner in his rookie season of Open Wheel Modified racing on dirt in addition to his numerous accolades with the mini outlaw, brought his sharp looking No. Z8 home in fifth place.

The Beginner division continues to put on impressive races each week. On Wednesday night, Caden Kvapil held off the challenges of Aiden Turner and Hunter Kohn to pick up the win.  Tyler Dolack came home in fourth place and Skyler Chaney rounded out the top five.

Matthew Francis, Bryce Richards, Cooper Reynolds, Ethan Holzbaur and Lincoln Bowyer all did a nice job in the newly formed “Cadet” class, designed for the youngest racers to get their feet wet in the sport.

Kyle Campbell continues to dominate both the Box Stock and Intermediate divisions.  He won both features again on Wednesday.  Ty Gibbs, Richard Gould, Gavan Boschele and Cole Hilton rounded out the top five in the Box Stock feature.

Carson Kvapil, Brooke Benge, George Hayes and Roy Hayes followed Campbell across the line in the Intermediate race.

Millbridge will come alive again next Wednesday night with another full evening of Mini Outlaw racing action on the dirt!  If you’ve never been to Millbridge, you’re missing out!  Just visit their Facebook page by searching “Millbridge Speedway” for race day details!

JULY 8th, 2015 Millbridge Speedway Complete Results

Beginner Feature

1- 35 Caden Kvapil, 2- 26 Aiden Turner, 3- 48 Hunter Kohn, 4- 19 Tyler Dolack, 5- 17 Skyler Chaney, 6- 55 Trevor Cline, 7- 45 Eli Adams, 8- 1F Kynzer Flynn, 9- 21 Stanley Hayes, 10- 12T Tiffany Claridge, 11- 11 Brent Crews

Cadet Participants

14 Matthew Francis, 63 Bryce Richards, 00 Cooper Reynolds, 11 Ethan Holzbaur, 38 Lincoln Bowyer

Box Stock Feature

1- 03 Kyle Campbell, 2- 46 Ty Gibbs, 3- 10 Richard Gould, 4- 5 Gavan Boschele, 5- 99 Cole Hilton, 6- 9b Tyler Beckham, 7- 15 Taylor Gray, 8- 11 Jason Gibbs, 9- 28 Nick Huntley, 10- 27 Matthew Gould

Intermediate Feature

1- 03 Kyle Campbell, 2- 35 Carson Kvapil, 3- 5 Brooke Benge, 4- 9 George Hayes, 5- 15 Roy Hayes

Open Feature

1- 17 Ryan Millington, 2- 15 Tanner Gray, 3- 19 Ethan Mitchell, 4- 30 Tom Hubert, 5- Z8 Max McLaughlin, 6- 71 Adam Welch, 7- 08 Devin Boutot, 8- 5 Cason Werner, 9- 98 Brandon Dean, 10- 73 Dean Bush, 11- 7 Chase Briscoe, 12- 00 Caitlin Benge, 13- 03 Dylan Smith, 14-62 Hunter Richards


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