NHRA Announces Centerline Rules Change

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NHRA officials have made a change to the tour’s centerline rules. (John Davison photo)

GLENDORA, Calif. — The National Hot Rod Ass’n has notified its drivers of a rule change regarding centerline crossing and/or the striking of timing blocks.

In addition to the current centerline policy of disqualifying runs/times, additional penalties will be imposed on drivers crossing the centerline or striking the timing blocks during any qualifying or elimination round.

The following penalties apply to all drivers in every NHRA category contested at each NHRA national event:

First Violation of the season will result in:

  • Loss of five (5) NHRA series points.

Second Violation of the season will result in:

  • Loss of 10 NHRA series points.

All Subsequent Violations of the season will result in:

  • Loss of 15 NHRA series points per violation.

Crossing the centerline and/or striking timing blocks is a serious safety concern and causes delays in racing due to cleanup time required for such incidents.

This policy encompasses the distance from the starting line to the quarter-mile finish line at 1,320 feet. Top Fuel and Funny Car drivers crossing the centerline after the 1,000-foot finish line but before the 1,320-foot finish line WILL be subject to the points penalty. However, they will not be subject to the standard disqualification/loss of elapsed time policy for this specific violation.

In the case of an oil-down plus a centerline/timing block violation in the same run, the oil-down points policy (and DQ of the run) will apply. It will not result in a double points penalty.

Crossing the centerline on a burnout is not considered a violation.

CREDIT: NHRA Communications

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